O PureSniff XL para avaliação direta de odores

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The main benefit of the PureSniff system is that it allows the standardised presentation of undiluted odour samples.

With a PureSniff device, you can measure an odour’s intensity, hedonic tone and pleasantness by the direct evaluation of an undiluted sample. As the operator triggers a volume flow, the odour sample streams out of the sample bag and passes through a funnel (diffuser) to the human nose. Each olfactory tester or examiner gets an identical odour sample with a standardised volume flow and constant presentation time.

Additionally, the PureSniff XL can be used for indoor air sampling and is fully compliant with the requirements of the ISO 16000-28 standard as well as the VDI 4302 Part 1 guideline.

The PureSniff XL consists of a sealed tube made of clear PVC for visual checks. The kit includes the PureSniff XL, a diffuser and a separate power-pack. Ready to use 60-litre sample bags with PTFE adapter and corks can be purchased as additional extras.

The PureSniff system is a valuable tool for the standardised direct evaluation of odours, and is specifically utilised in market sectors such as the manufacturing of perfumes and fragrances, building materials, textiles, consumer goods and the automobile and personal care industries.

PureSniff XL and direct evaluation of odour samples


The PureSniff XL is fully compliant with:

  • ISO 16000-28
  • VDI 4302 Part 1


    • Constant flow
    • Standardised sample presentation
    • PTFE and stainless steel (EN 13725)

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    Technical Data

    General Details
    Olfasense GmbH, Germany
    Dimension (L x W x H)
    420 x 425 x 1200 mm
    12.8 kg
    24 months (warranty extension up to 5 years through servicecontracts possible)
    Technical Specifications
    Sample volume
    60 l max
    Duration of presentation
    2.5 sec
    Volume flow
    0.7 l /sec (pre-set by manufacturer)
    Air supply
    2 - 5 bar
    Power Supply
    External power supply (12V, 65W max)

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