Ortelium used for sensor-based monitoring of a contaminated site remediation project

Ortelium sensor-based monitoring contaminated site remediation project

We are excited to announce that our Ortelium software solution has been increasingly utilized in Germany since last year.

In addition to the odour source identification project in North Rhine-Westphalia presented last year, Ortelium is currently being used for sensor-based monitoring of a contaminated site remediation project in the Schleswig-Flensburg district of northern Germany.

The site comprises the premises of a former tar paper factory and a former gas plant located directly on the banks of the local Schlei sea estuary. It is one of the largest known contaminated sites in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, and the remediation of these areas is scheduled over the next two years.

The municipality, acting as the Soil Protection Authority, is responsible for implementing the remediation.

The project involves the deployment of a total of four sensor systems at the boundaries of the remediation area. Throughout the project phase, these sensor systems will record a variety of data that will be analysed in real time, including

  • Nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Sound levels
  • Wind direction and strength

This data is made publicly available via Ortelium, allowing interested parties to observe the emissions caused by the construction site.

For more information on the remediation project and the use of Ortelium, please visit: https://www.schleswig-flensburg.de/Navigation-/Umwelt/Altlasten-Bodenschutz/Altlast-Wikingeck-Schleswig/ (the website offers a Google translation on top of the page)

To access the Ortelium platform directly, use the following link: https://app.ortelium.com/wikingeck

We are proud to be part of this project, which is making a significant contribution to eliminating existing environmental threats in a fragile ecosystem.

If you are interested in Ortelium, we would be happy to arrange a web conference to show you how Ortelium can help you monitor and manage your environmental data. Get in touch via ortelium@olfasense.com.


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