Expert article on odour control efficacy of a carpet cleaning home care product

expert article on odour control efficacy of a carpet cleaning home care product

During the recent SEPAWA congress, our odour expert Rita Ribau Domingues presented a scientific poster entitled “Sensory evaluation for improving the odour control efficacy of carpet cleaning products, a case study”.

The underlying paper is now also featured in the most recent edition of the HPC Today, an international, peer-reviewed journal dealing with household, personal care, cleaning, cosmetics and dermatology topics.

You can check out the expert article via the following link: Odour control efficacy of a carpet cleaning home care product

In this paper, which has been produced in collaboration with our UK partner Aqdot Limited, we tested the effectiveness of homecare products in reducing pet odours on carpet samples. Various sensory methods were used to evaluate the samples and determine the impact of adding an innovative odour control technology. The results demonstrated that the test product with the odour control technology significantly outperformed both the control and the commercial benchmark samples in reducing cat urine odours.

We would like to recognize the co-authors of the scientific poster, Rita Ribau Domingues, Ben Cheesman, Alina Beier, and their teams, whose knowledge and experience contributed to the comprehensive and well-rounded approach of this research.

If you would like to know more, our team is happy to answer your your odour-related questions via Get in touch to learn more about our accredited odour testing services, which can assist you in optimizing your products, supporting quality assurance, and scientifically verifying product claims.


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