On behalf of the whole Olfasense team, we wish you a happy holiday season

Olfasense Holiday Greetings

At the close of an incomparable year, we pause to celebrate the good times and to wish you the very best for the year to come.

One of our highlights 2020 was Olfasense UK Ltd. (formerly Odournet UK Ltd) joining the Olfasense group. Our team is now working from offices and laboratories in Ahlen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bristol, Kiel and Northwich, delivering odour testing expertise to our clients across the world. 

A big THANK YOU goes out to you, our clients, partners and friends. Your confidence in our company made all the difference in this puzzling year!

In this sense, we have prepared a small puzzle game to thank you for your trust and for the pleasure of working with you. To solve it, you simply need to click on the picture below and have a good time.

Olfasense Christmas Puzzle
Click to start the puzzle

We look forward to performing new projects with you in 2021. In the meantime, we wish you a warm and restful holiday season and an optimistic outlook for the new year.

Your Olfasense team


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