Olfasense in the news – Tracking down odours with the ‘sniffer app’

Infraserv Höchst is operator of one of Europe’s largest and most successful chemical and pharmaceutical sites, the industrial park Industriepark Höchst, which is located in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region.

One of Infraserv’s guiding principles is to develop, monitor and optimize their processes and services to protect the environment. To reduce emissions causing unpleasant odour pollution in the highly-populated area around the park, the company has invested several million euros into different odour mitigation measures during the years.

In 2007, Infraserv Höchst involved Olfasense GmbH to run a measurement programme providing objective data on the odour pollution in the surrounding areas of the park. Since then, trained sniffers use the Ortelium – Field Inspection Manager (OFIM) app, to collect information about location, time, duration, and also the character of odours they perceive during their daily filed inspections.

With the OFIM, Olfasense GmbH provides Infraserv Höchst not only valuable odour impact monitoring data, but more importantly the necessary information as to whether their odour mitigation measures are successful. The results are also made public on the company website, to integrate citizens in a transparent odour management process.

If you would like to know more about this case study, please check out the English translation of the original Infraserv press release.

Further coverage in the German media:

         Frankurter Neue Presse

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To learn more about odour field inspections and Ortelium, please get in contact with Bettina Mannebeck (bmannebeck@olfasense.com) or browse www.ortelium.com.


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