Welcome at Olfasense. New name, new look – same commitment

As we begin the new year, we are excited to share some important news about our company’s evolution with you.

Odournet GmbH and Odournet NL B.V. are now Olfasense, after the shareholders of the Odournet Group decided in 2015 to split the company into two independent entities, while keeping close collaborative relationships in the companies’ network of teams.

The result of this split is the spinoff of the Dutch and the German branch companies.

As a consequence we today unveil our new brand identity, including the launch of our newly designed website www.olfasense.com.

Apart from that, we will continue doing what we are known for: providing great value services and products that meet your expectations time after time, delivery after delivery.

Olfasense is and remains as:

  • leading supplier of odour measurement instruments and related calibration services;
  • the only accredited provider of international proficiency tests for the methods EN 13725 and VDA 270;
  • renowned provider of services for product and materials testing, including GCMS, GC-Sniffing and GC-IMS;
  • specialist provider of environmental odour services, wherever in the world our odour consultancy services are required;
  • developer of the Odourmap™ and iNose digital odour observation management platforms.

All existing client contracts will be continued, with unchanged contact persons.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all Olfasense clients, colleagues and friends for their continued confidence and support. We look forward to realising new projects with you under the new brand. So, stay tuned for further updates as we enter the next phase of our journey.

Your Olfasense team


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