SET 7: Odour wheel with sniffing sticks

One of the most demanding tasks in odour testing is to establish a sensory description of the odour character, or in other words, to describe what an odour smells like.

A constructive olfactory characterization requires the use of a common language among panellists.

Odour wheel sniffing sticks (4)
Odour wheel sniffing sticks (2)

A common language among odour panellists

A successful method to establish a common language among odour panellists is the use of an odour wheel and sniffing sticks with corresponding odour characters.

Olfasense has developed an odour wheel that provides panellists with an overview of odour characters structured in classes. The odour wheel is based on odour literature and was refined by experienced Olfasense GC-sniffing panellists, who also selected the most suitable sniffing sticks.

With the help of this tool, your panel is able to enhance their common odour vocabulary, from using very broad (e.g. chemical odour) to more specific (e.g. phenolic) odour characters.

This set contains

  • Olfasense odour wheel print on a robust metallic foil (format A0)
  • 64 sniffing sticks equipped with magnets
  • holding device optionally available

The odour wheel is available in English, Dutch and German language. Other languages are available on request.

An excerpt of the compounds used provided upon request. The complete list will be provided upon delivery.

The stability of the sticks is 6 months. A very regular use of the sticks might reduce the time of usability.

Odour wheel sniffing sticks (5)

Customised odour wheels

Do you need a customised odour wheel with sniffing sticks, specially adapted to your needs? Our team is ready for the challenge. So please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Via the following link, you can download an overview of all the sniffing sticks that have already been used in individual applications. Please get in touch to discuss specific compounds, targeted scaling/calibration, and any further requirements.

Important notes

The Olfasense odour wheel is copyrighted. Unauthorized publication is a violation of applicable law.

The odour wheel print can only be provided in combination with the sniffing sticks.

The Olfasense odour wheel comes with 64 sniffing sticks. We are happy to provide you with an excerpt of the compounds used. If you are interested, please get in touch. The complete list will be provided upon delivery.

Thank you for your understanding!


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