Scent Sampler

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It’s always been tricky to take standardised odour samples directly from the skin and other surfaces.

This is a particular issue in the field of cosmetic testing, where the data may be needed for anything from quality control to identifying off-odours.

Luckily, Olfasense’s innovative scent sampler is a breath of fresh air for anyone faced with this problem. It can take odour samples directly from the skin or other surfaces (such as fragrance strips), enabling standardised odour sampling through:

  • temperature control
  • humidity control
  • air flow control
    Scent Sampler


    Once you’ve got your odour sample, you can analyse it using sensory or molecular testing techniques.

    Whatever your requirements, we think you’ll be impressed – as the scent sampler’s results have a wide range of applications, including:

    • longevity testing
    • off-odour identification
    • benchmark comparison
    • dynamic monitoring
    • quality control.

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