Échelle comparative d’acétone

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The Acetone Comparative Scale by Olfasense is a comparative scale in accordance with ISO 16000-28, as well as ISO 16000-30 and VDI 4302, for the controlled presentation of concentrations of acetone in air for the purpose of a comparative estimation of odour intensity.

The 16 different concentrations (PI scale 0 -15) are created through the dosing and evaporation of liquid acetone into an open jet of the carrier air and presentation to the panel members by means of a glass nose funnel.

The Acetone Comparative Scale satisfies the requirements of ISO 16000-28 , as well as ISO 16000-30 and VDI 4302, and allows the creation of the 16 levels after a free selection of the panel member.

Liquid acetone is required for the operation of the Acetone Comparative Scale. By calibrating the device with a suitable monitor (e.g. FID), the user can set it to the desired PI levels.

The Acetone Comparative Scale consists of a housing with a touch display as a user interface and a nose funnel for presenting the sample to the test person.

Acetone comparative scale


The Acetone Comparative Scale is fully compliant with

  • ISO 16000-28
  • ISO 16000-30
  • VDI 4302 Part 1


    • 100% compliant to ISO 16000-28, ISO 16000-30 and VDI 4302 Part 1
    • High accuracy of acetone concentrations
    • Low room air contamination
    • 16 different concentrations (PI scale 0 -15)
    • Compact/transportable
    • Low gas consumption

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    Technical Data

    General Details
    Olfasense GmbH, Germany
    Dimension (L x W x H)
    450 x 250 x 200 mm
    Height with nose funnel 750 mm
    6.8 kg
    24 months (warranty extension up to 5 years through servicecontracts possible)
    Technical Specifications
    Sample generation
    Dosing through capillary tube with pressure regulation in reservoir and evaporation in an open jet nozzle
    Volume flow
    Supply line 60 l/min
    Sample air flow 40 l/min (preset by manufacturer)
    Air supply
    Oil-free, odourless compressed air or synthetic air
    3 - 5 bar
    Room temperature (Calibration-relevant)
    23 °C +/- 2 °C
    Pressure in reservoir
    Max. 500 mbar
    Electrical connection
    230 V
    Table power pack, fixed voltage 12 V, 65 W

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