Olfasense at the Odeuropa Smell Culture Fair

Odeuropa Smell Fair

In 2020, the Horizon 2020 Odeuropa project took its first steps towards its goal to create a digital library of historical European smells.

You can check out our original post about this project via: Olfasense is collaborating partner in Odeuropa project or visit odeuropa.eu directly to find out more.

Now, 3 years later, the Odeuropa project comes to an end. To celebrate the success of the project, the Odeuropa team is organizing one final event: the Odeuropa Smell Culture Fair.

Olfasense is very happy to attend this event, which is set to take place on 28 November 2023 in Amsterdam.

The fair promises a day filled with insightful discussions and hands-on sessions all around olfactory cultural heritage and sensory data mining.

We are looking forward to contributing to the conversations and sharing insights with fellow olfactory enthusiasts and experts from related fields and industries.

To learn more about the event visit the Odeuropa Smell Culture Fair website.


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