Olfasense at International Suppliers Fair (IZB)

IZB - International Suppliers Fair

Meet our team at Europe’s leading trade fair for the automotive supplier industry – the International Suppliers Fair (IZB).

The IZB takes place at the headquarters of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, Germany during 11 and 13 October 2022 and you will find us at booth 3110 in hall 3.

Our odour experts Björn Maxeiner and Marc Andresen will show you the latest innovations to measure the odours and VOCs of your products and materials used in the vehicle interior.

At Olfasense, we develop and manufacture instruments and technologies for odour measurement and VOC emission testing. So come and find out more about our VOC emission test chambers, sampling equipment, reference materials, and odour testing equipment.

In addition, we will let you know about how our analysis services help you to determine the human sensory or molecular properties of your products and materials used in the vehicle interior.

As the world’s largest specialist in odour measurement and VOC emission testing for products and materials, we identify and document desired and undesired odours, perform specific manufacturers’ standard checks on individual components or determine the overall odour character of the vehicle, to name a few.

To complement our service portfolio, we perform individual or standardized VOC emission tests to identify the volatile organic compounds emitted by your products and materials.

Olfasense is the only manufacturer, accredited testing laboratory, and service provider for odour measurements and VOC emission testing in one. This is how we help you and your clients to become better. Day after day. Across the world. With more than 30 years of experience.

We hope to welcome you at booth 3110 to tell you more about how Olfasense’s services and technologies can be beneficial for you.

If you are interested in setting up a one-on-one meeting with our team during the IZB, please contact us via sales@olfasense.com. Learn more about the event via the official IZB website.


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