Dietmar Mannebeck receives the Badge of Honour of the VDI

Dietmar Mannebeck VDI badge of honour

It is with great pleasure to let you know that our head of engineering Dietmar Mannebeck has received the Badge of Honour of the VDI, the Association of German Engineers.

The presentation of the award was held in Wiesbaden on 24 November 2021 at the 9th VDI Conference « Odours in the environment ».

Dietmar received the Badge of Honour in recognition and appreciation of his committed voluntary work in the VDI/DIN-Commission on Air Pollution Prevention (KRdL), especially in the field of olfactometry and odour immission measurements, both at national and European level in various working groups of CEN/TC 264 Air Quality.

Dietmar has made a significant contribution to anchoring the recognized current state of technology and technical solutions, especially in the field of olfactometry, in national and European regulations and thus ensuring and harmonizing the highest technical quality standards.

In his thank-you speech, Dietmar addressed his father Dr. Heinrich Mannebeck, who also received the Badge of Honour of the VDI more than 20 years ago, thanking him for passing on his knowledge around olfactometry. Dietmar also thanked his colleagues in the different odour working groups for the professional, technical exchange but also the warm and open manner during these meetings. Last but not least, he thanked his partners in the daily work life at Olfasense, especially his wife Bettina Mannebeck for sharing more than 25 years of journey through the world of odours.

Dietmar, in the name of the whole Olfasense team, we congratulate you on receiving this meaningful award! It is more than deserved that your hard work and innovative spirit are also recognized outside the Olfasense world. Well done!


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