Meet Olfasense at the 46th Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium

MKVS 2021 odour testing

On 26 October, you will have the opportunity to listen to our expert for product and material odour testing Lieke van Genderen at the 46th Munich Adhesives and Finishing Symposium, which will take place between 25 and 27 October.

The symposium is a leading independent event in the adhesives, printing and converting industry. Together with Koos Siera, Application Development Specialist at Eastman Chemical Company, Lieke will speak about « ODOUR ANALYSES IN THE ADHESIVE INDUSTRY ».

You can check out the abstract using the following link:

The event will take place as a hybrid event, and registration is still possible via

If you would like to find out whether Olfasense’s odour testing services can be beneficial for you, feel free to arrange a one-on-one meeting by contacting Lieke directly via


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