Olfasense GmbH welcomes senior consultant for P&M activities in Spanish and Portuguese markets

Rita Domingues Odour Expert

Olfasense is pleased to welcome Rita Ribau Domingues, who joined our team in September 2019.

From her homebase in Barcelona, Rita will assist Olfasense as a dedicated specialist to foster and globally grow the position of Olfasense as a supplier of choice for industry-leading odour testing services to assess and optimize commercial products and materials (P&M). She will also contribute to the expansion of Olfasense services to new lines of business.

Rita has great experience in business development and management of odour consultancy projects in the Spanish and Portuguese market, with a focus on sensory testing of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

« With Rita we do not only win a highly dedicated, interdisciplinary, customer oriented sensory expert and a real team player. Welcoming her to our growing team also allows us to increase our proximity to Spanish and Portuguese clients, and to serve clients in Latin American markets better », summarizes Björn Maxeiner concerning the increased demand from these geographies.

Before joining Olfasense, Rita was head of the Sensory and Marketing Research Unit at Eurofins Product Testing, offering multi-country consumer research studies in Europe and overseas that are primarily based in consumer panels for both home and laboratory testing.

Rita holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and an executive MBA from EADA Business School.

In addition, Rita is a true multilingual talent with proficiency in six European languages, as well as Cantonese.

You can reach Rita via rdomingues@olfasense.com or +34 600 34 85 90.


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