Funded project on the measurement uncertainty calculation for olfactometry measurements according to EN 13725:2022

measurement uncertainty olfactometry EN 13725

The new EN 13725:2022, which came into force last year, completely redefines the measurement uncertainty calculation for olfactometry measurements.

Since there were no measurement results or calculations available so far, the German VDI working group NA 134-03-10-05 UA Assessment of the concentration of odourous substances by dynamic olfactometry initiated a comparative measurement with 12 notified and accredited odour laboratories in January – including Olfasense GmbH.

The comparative measurements are funded by the VDI/DIN Commission on Air Pollution Prevention (KRdL), Standards Committee, with the funding code FKZ: 372201I001.

Each odour laboratory took 2 times 5 samples as a double determination (i.e. 20 samples) in a sewage sludge drying hall in Bottrop (North Rhine-Westphalia) and transported them afterwards to their own laboratory, where the olfactometry measurements on the samples took place the following day.

For the Olfasense GmbH team, it was an exciting experience to be part of this huge sampling project with a total of 240 samples and so many odour professionals in such a compact area.

We also want to thank the involved wastewater management company Emschergenossenschaft once again for their cooperation in making the measurements possible. Now we are looking forward to the evaluation and the insights we can draw from the project.

You are welcome to address your questions about the project or the new EN 13725:2022 to our odour expert Bettina Mannebeck (; +49 431 220120), who is also a member of the mentioned standards committee.


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