TO evolution olfactometer remains on the road to success

After the launch in 2015 and successful installations in various European laboratories, we are particularly glad to expand our successful track record to the US market, where we have recently equipped odour laboratories of a leading household care products provider and a scientific institute for multidisciplinary research with TO evolution olfactometers.

In this context, we want to highlight and thank for the great collaboration with our North American sales partner St Croix Sensory, who accompanied both projects at different stages of the process.

Good news also from Odournet UK, where the next TO evolution olfactometer has been approved by UKAS, the UK national accreditation body, demonstrating again that the TO evolution operates to the highest quality standards.

Last but not least, we are proud to inform that the Apulian Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA Puglia) in Italy has awarded Olfasense with a contract to supply a TO evolution olfactometer on the basis of a public tender procedure (“1 olfattometro dinamico per la determinazione della concentrazione di odore – UNI EN 13725:2004 per le attività di controllo e ricerca del Centro Regionale Aria”).

If you would like to know more about the advantages of odour testing with the TO evolution, or would like to experience the system in a live presentation, please contact Marc Andresen,, or visit


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