Frans Vossen

Frans is an internationally renowned odour expert. He performs several hundred odour and environmental impact studies per year in various industries for the private as well as the public sector in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Frans was also a member of relevant odour working and standardisation groups.

Director - Olfasense B.V./Member of the Board - Olfasense Holding B.V.; Key expert for odour impact assessments & abatement strategies


  • Extensive experience in all phases of odour studies across all kinds of industries all around the world
  • Detailed knowledge of worldwide odour policy and regulations
  • Active member in working groups for the standardisation of olfactometry
  • Odour measurement techniques
  • Odour Control Plans
  • Odour Abatement Techniques
  • Chemistry of environmental odours


  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French

Working Groups

Working Group
Olfasense Expert Involved
since 2015
NTA 9065

Revision // Air quality – Odour measurements – Odour measurement and calculation

  • Frans Vossen
since 2005
Werkgroep luchtkwaliteitsmodellen, WLM

Dutch working group on air dispersion modelling

  • Anouk Snik-van den Burg
  • Frans Vossen
2004 - 2011
VDI 3880

Olfactometry – Static sampling

  • Dietmar Mannebeck
  • Frans Vossen
2002 - 2005
NVN 2818: 2005

Writing Dutch standard for hedonic tone measurements

  • Anouk Snik-van den Burg
  • Frans Vossen

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