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Would you like to stay on top form in any aspect of odour assessment and control? Then you’ll want Olfasense’s specialist expertise at your fingertips.

In our free webinars, our Olfasense experts provide a quick and concise overview on different topics concerning the measurement and assessment of odours.

Our webinars are available on demand, so you can enjoy the flexibility and freedom to view them whenever you want, from anywhere in the world.

If you want to dive deeper into any of the subjects covered, get in touch with us via webinar@olfasense.com to talk about bespoke online odour training courses, in which you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn from the experts, but you’ll also get invaluable, tailored advice.

Webinar Odours Packaging

Odour testing in the packaging industry

Unpleasant odours originating from packaged products can be interpreted by consumers as contaminated and/or unsafe. That’s why odour analysis of packaging products is key – whether you’re looking to develop new products, quality-assure existing ones or benchmark your competitors’ products.

In this webinar, our senior consultant Rita Ribau Domingues provides an overview on relevant standards, individualized sampling strategies and sensory as well as molecular methodologies for odour testing of packaging materials, ranging from raw materials, additives or final products.

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Odour testing in the hygiene industry

Odour testing in the hygiene industry

Odour is a constant topic in the hygiene industry. Either companies get complaints about the smell of their product and it is important to learn what compounds are responsible or companies have developed solutions that reduce malodours of the product in-use and want to prove the odour reducing effect scientifically.

In this webinar, our senior consultant Dr. Nathalie Fentzahn will give an overview on testing methodologies for standardised odour testing, including different case studies.

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Webinar odour panel training

Panel selection and training (panel management)

Odour evaluation requires a homogeneous and representative panel. In this webinar, our P&M consultant Lieke van Genderen will show how Olfasense selects, trains and monitors the noses in question.


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