TO8 olfactometer

The popularity of the TO8 olfactometer is indisputable: it is the most sold olfactometer worldwide.

It meets all requirements of a dilution device for olfactometric measurements according to EN 13725. The TO8 olfactometer’s main application is to measure odour concentration, providing a full record of the data obtained, according to EN 13725.

The measurement process is fully automated. The olfactometer can also be used to assess hedonic tone or intensity (VDI 3882).

The compact size and transportability of this olfactometer model means you can measure on-site in a mobile olfactometer laboratory if required – and so keep sample storage time to a minimum.

TO8 olfactometer


All our olfactometer models are designed to measure odour concentration, odour intensity and hedonic tone. They are fully compliant with the following standards:

  • EN 13725
  • AS 4323.3
  • NCh 3190
  • VDI 3882
  • NVN 2820


  • Most sold olfactometer worldwide
  • Fully automatic, 100% compliant with EN 13725
  • Yes-/No-method, intensity and hedonic tone
  • Custom-designed dilution and valve system
  • Fast analysis, and low sample and air use
  • Low noise level, compact and transportable

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Technical Data

General Details
Olfasense GmbH, Germany
Dimension (L x W x H)
a) assembled
b) transport size
a) 650 x 650 x 470 mm
b) 650 x 650 x 270 mm
17 kg
Maximum calibration interval
12 months (according to EN 13725)
24 months (warranty extension up to 5 years through servicecontracts possible)
Technical Specifications
Dilution principle
Gas jet pumps and calibrated precsion orifices for sample dosage
Vent for surplus diluted odour
Outlet air via active carbon filter
Number of panel members working simultaneously
Maximum panel size (software setting)
Analyses time for one sample (EN13725:2003)
5 min
Required air supply
115 l/min, oil-free
Dilution range
2² (1:4) - 216 (1:65,536)
Interval steps
Factor 2
Dilution accuracy
< 5%
Response / setting time
< 0.1 sec
Required sample volume
High concentrations: 1-2 liter
Low concentrations: 6-8 liter
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