Olfasense is part of a joint project to develop sensor networks for the objective perception of odour sources

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Submitted by Olfasense on Thu, 03/08/2018 - 15:19


Olfasense GmbH is one of three partners in a project called "Sensor networks for the objective perception of odour sources (SEPEG)". The project, which runs from 01.01.2018 to 30.06.2020, is funded by the BMBF, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, under grant number 01 / S17087B.

Together with our project partners 3S – Sensors, Signal Processing, Systems GmbH and the LMT, Lab for Measurement Technology of Saarland University, we are working to complement recognized measuring methods of human sensory odour analysis in the immission area, such as direct assessment via field inspectios or olfactometry, by a continuous measuring method using sensor networks.

Another part of the project is the provision of a web platform for temporally and spatially resolved visualization of different data channels, such as sensor readings, meteorological readings and input by local residents. The aim is to enable our customers to continuously evaluate and quickly influence the odour situation and, if necessary, to provide a communication platform for internal and external processes.

To find out more, feel free to contact our odour expert Bettina Mannebeck (bmannebeck@olfasense.com).