Olfasense organises Proficiency Test for PV3942 on behalf of Volkswagen (brand)

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Submitted by Olfasense on Fri, 10/12/2018 - 09:57


Olfasense GmbH organises a proficiency test on behalf of Volkswagen (brand) for the testing method PV3942 with obligatory odour measurement and optionally for the method ISO 12219-3:2012. To pass the odour part of the measurement is a requirement to pass the proficiency test at all.

The proficiency test is open for independent testing laboratories and sub-suppliers for the automotive industry that want to demonstrate compliance with the performance requirements of PV3942.

This qualification is needed in order to be allowed to use the results of own measurements for release documents (BMP/EMP) according to VW50180, and to be added to the list of accepted laboratories in the VW Brand. 

Additionally, the microchamber method according to ISO 12219-3:2012 can be chosen. Please note that this part of the proficiency test will only be provided if at least 10 participants take part, and that the results of the optional microchamber method according to ISO 12219-3:2012 will not influence the overall results.

Deadline for registration is 31 October 2018. The measurements for the proficiency test need to be carried out between 10 and 21 December 2018.

To receive the announcement and invitation to participate, please send an email to Laura Brosig (lbrosig@olfasense.com).